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Keep Me Informed - Conditions and medicines added in January and February 2019

The following conditions have been added to Keep Me Informed since January 1st 2019.
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID)
  • Batten's disease (Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis)
  • Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME)
  • Pruritis
  • Priapism
  • Liposarcoma
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Photosensitivity reactions including solar urticaria, chemical photosensitization and polymorphous light eruption
For information about medicines added, NICE guidelines, and patient safety warnings, please see the full article.

You can follow any of these conditions using Keep Me Informed, which provides users with updates about the conditions they are interested in, including updates to NICE guidelines, patient leaflets, risk management materials, information from medicine regulators and clinical trial information. To track information about these conditions please use the 'Select conditions' button.

Patient safety warnings

Warning type Condition Medicine
Brand name
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Epilepsy valproate The MHRA have advised that female patients with epilepsy and taking valproate should discuss a Pregnancy Prevention Programme with their doctor
Side effect update Multiple Sclerosis teriflunomide
New side effect of dyslipidaemia
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Crohn's disease
Ulcerative colitis
Entyvio is not advised for use in pregnant or breastfeeding patients
Side effect update Melanoma
Kidney cancer
has side effect added of diarrhoea or other symptoms of colitis
Risk management information Melanoma
Kidney cancer
Risk management information has been updated
Risk management information Melanoma
non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Kidney cancer
Hodgkin lymphoma
Head and neck cancer
Urothelial carcinoma
Risk management information Opdivo has been updated.
Pregnancy HIV infections rilpivirine and dolutegravir
HIV patients are warned against use of the medicine during pregnancy.
Condition impact Iron overload disorder (also called haemochromatosis) - The NHS have advised that the impact of haemochromatosis may be underestimated
Side effect update Pancreatic cancer irinotecan
Onivyde has been associated with the side effects pulmonary embolism, venous thrombosis and arterial thromboembolism
Side effect update Oral contraception desogestrel and ethinylestradiol
Marvelon and Mercilon
These medicines have been associated with depression which is a risk factor for suicidal behaviour and suicide
Side effect update Rheumatoid arthritis
Giant cell arteritis
RoActemra has been associated with cases of hypofibrinogenaemia
Side effect update Hepatitis C elbasvir and grazoprevir
Zepatier has been associated with cases of hypoglycaemia
Side effect update Alcohol dependence nalmefene
Selincro has been associated with cases of urticaria, pruritus, erythema and priapism
Side effect update Type 2 diabetes empagliflozin
Jardiance has been associated with cases rash, urticaria, and angioedema
Product recall Hypertension irbesartan from Macleods Pharma UK Limited The MHRA have recalled the treatment due to possible contamination with N‑nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA).
Side effect update Type 2 diabetes empagliflozin and metformin
Synjardy has been associated with cases of necrotising fasciitis of the perineum
Side effect update Acute myeloid leukaemia decitabine
Dacogen has been associated with cases of cardiomyopathy with cardiac decompensation
Side effect update Parkinson's disease
Restless leg syndrome
Neupro has been associated with cases of diarrhoea
Side effect update Allergy cetirizine
Zirtek has been associated with cases of nightmares (very rare),
arthralgia (frequency unknown) and acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis (very rare)
Product recall Hypertension irbesartan
irbesartan with hydrochlorothiazide
The MHRA have recalled batches of hypertension treatment irbesartan and irbesartan with hydrochlorothiazide due to contamination with cancer causing chemicals called carcinogens.
Pregnancy Hyperthyroidism carbimazole Carbimazole is associated with increased risk of congenital malformations,
especially when administered in the first trimester of pregnancy and at high doses.
Women of childbearing potential should use effective contraception
during treatment with carbimazole.

NICE have published the following guidelines and quality standards:

Condition and link Ingredient/Medicine
Acute myeloid leukaemia cytarabine and daunorubicin (Vyxeos) from Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Antibiotics in pneumonia -
Cerebral palsy -
COPD in over 16s -
Crohn's disease -
Dementia -
Eosinophilic asthma benralizumab (Fasenra) from AstraZeneca
Epilepsy in adults -
Epilepsy in children -
Hypertension in pregnancy -
Liver cancer lenvatinib (Lenvima▼) from Eisai
Liver cancer regorafenib (Stivarga) from Bayer
Melanoma encorafenib and binimetinib (Braftovi▼and Mektovi▼) from Pierre Fabre
Non-small cell Lung cancer pembrolizumab (Keytruda▼) from Merck Sharp and Dohme
The following medicines have been added to the Keep Me Informed medicines database:

Condition Ingredient Medicine Manufacturer
Glioma 5-aminolevulinic acid Gliolan medac GmbH
Breast cancer abemaciclib Verzenios▼ Eli Lilly
Depression agomelatine Valdoxan Servier
Type II diabetes alogliptin Vipidia Takeda
Myelodysplastic syndromes
Chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia
Acute myeloid leukaemia
azacitidine Vidaza Celgene
Melanoma binimetinib Mektovi▼ Pierre Fabre
Acute coronary syndrome
Atrial fibrillation
Myocardial infarction
Peripheral arterial disease
clopidogrel Clopidogrel Zentiva Zentiva
Prostate cancer degarelix Firmagon Ferring
Lung cancer durvalumab Imfinzi▼ AstraZeneca
Mucopolysaccharidosis type II idursulfase Elaprase▼ Shire
Melanoma encorafenib Braftovi▼ Ferring
Cataract surgery pain
Prevention of macular oedema after
cataract surgery in diabetic patients
epafenac Nevanac Novartis
Breast cancer
eribulin Halaven Eisai
Type II diabetes ertugliflozin Steglatro▼ Merck Sharp & Dohme
Stimulation of follicular development follitropin alfa and lutropin alfa Pergoveris Merck Serono
Neutropenia filgrastim Zarzio Sandoz
Primary immunodeficiency syndromes
Congenital AIDS with recurrent
bacterial infections
Primary immune
Guillain Barré syndrome
Kawasaki disease
human immunoglobulin Flebogamma DIF Grifols
HPV vaccine human papillomavirus vaccine Cervarix GlaxoSmithKline
Hunter syndrome (Mucopolysaccharidosis II) idursulfase Elaprase▼ Shire
Rheumatoid arthritis
Crohn's disease
Ulcerative colitis
Ankylosing spondylitis
Psoriatic arthritis
infliximab Inflectra Pfizer
Rheumatoid arthritis
Crohn's disease
Ulcerative colitis

Ankylosing spondylitis
Psoriatic arthritis
infliximab Zessly▼ Sandoz
Cystic fibrosis ivacaftor and tezacaftor Symkevi▼ Vertex
Hereditary angioedema lanadelumab Takhzyro▼ Shire
Nephropathic cystinosis mercaptamine PROCYSBI Chiesi
Osteosarcoma mifamurtide Mepact Takeda
Chronic myelogenous leukaemia nilotinib Tasigna Novartis
Primary immunodeficiency syndromes
Secondary immunodeficiencies
Primary immune thrombocytopenia
Guillain-Barré syndrome
Kawasaki disease
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Multifocal motor neuropathy
normal human immunoglobulin Privigen Novartis
Manic episodes
olanzapine Zalasta Consilient
Schizophrenia olanzapine Zypadhera Eli Lilly
Neutropenia pegfilgrastim Ziextenzo▼ Sandoz
Parkinson's disease pramipexole Oprymea Consilient
Stable angina pectoris ranolazine Ranexa Menarini
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura romiplostim Nplate Amgen
Ovarian, fallopian tube and peritoneal cancer rucaparib Rubraca▼ Clovis Oncology
Type II diabetes semaglutide Ozempic▼ Novo Nordisk
Renal cell carcinoma
Mantle cell lymphoma
temsirolimus Torisel Pfizer
Multiple myeloma thalidomide Thalidomide Celgene Celgene
Plaque psoriasis tildrakizumab Ilumetri▼ Almirall
Breast cancer
Gastric cancer
trastuzumab Kanjinti▼ Amgen

You can follow these medicines using our Medicines Tracker service which provides users with updates about the medicines they are interested in, including updates to Patient Leaflets, information from medicine regulators and clinical trial information. To track information about a medicine please click on the 'Select medicine' link, select the medicine you wish to follow, then select 'Follow medicine'.

Reporting of suspected adverse reactions

Reporting suspected adverse reactions (side effects) after authorisation of the medicinal product is important. It allows continued monitoring of the benefit/risk balance of the medicinal product. Healthcare professionals or patients are asked to report any suspected adverse reactions via the Yellow Card Scheme at or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

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