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Developments in modern medicines aim to improve outcomes for patients across a wide range of conditions. Keep Me Informed | Medicines will help you keep up-to-date with these developments.

Track The Conditions That Interest You

Many of us have, or care for people that have, a chronic medical condition.

Using Keep Me Informed | Medicines you can select the conditions you are interested in and we will keep you posted about medicine developments, accessibility and research.
We can email you links to updates as they occur.


Information from recognised sources

Keep Me Informed | Medicines only uses reliable sources such as European Medicines Agency, the NHS and NICE.

Good quality information about medicines provides the public with a clear view of current medical thinking, helping us make better informed decisions.

Learn about new medicines

Information about medicines is constantly being updated.

Apart from the scientific evidence for new medicines there are also other considerations to bear in mind. Follow the progress of medicines through to where it can be used and paid for by the NHS.


Patient Safety Updates

Help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Get alerts about the medicines you are taking or are interested in.

Medicines are constantly reviewed by the regulators and pharmaceutical industry. As usage of new medicines increases so does our knowledge and understanding of their effects, good and bad. With Keep Me Informed | Medicines we will provide you with this important information.